I started doing house portraits over 10 years ago - painting and drawing homes in many parts of the world: Australia, South Africa and now in Canada where I’ve been able to travel and paint from coast to coast. I’ve been asked to do modest homes, stately mansions, simple native huts, farms and lake-side family cottages - just to name a few of my commissions and I’ve met some really nice folk in the process. That is one aspects of this work that I so like - meeting people who regard their home as the centre of family life. People who treasure their house because it is a warm and loving place where children are raised, friends entertained and loving memories are made. On the artistic side, I find roof lines, gables, chimney stacks, porches and bay windows interesting. I enjoy architectural detail of buildings. The challenge for me, is to show the warmth and homeyness of a house that can only be sensed by being there and something that a photograph does not convey very well.